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Most un-informed tourists are a bit apprehensive about Kashmir. Thanks to the biased news by media, the first image Kashmir conjured is of the rampant militancy. Tourists often, and understandably, have reservations about visiting Kashmir. After all, this picturesque region is prone to civil unrest and violence. So, the prerequisite questions every tourist have? IS IT SAFE TO VISIT KASHMIR? Tourists in Kashmir have never been deliberately targeted or harmed. Instead, angry protestors have actually given tourist vehicles safe passage. In general, Kashmiris are hospitable people, and tourism is an important industry and source of income for them. Hence, they will go out of their way to make sure visitors are safe. WHAT ABOUT ONGOING PROTESTS AND DEMONSTRATIONS? Post 2016 Mass demonstration Gov’t of India Govt in General and Local Govt in particular has taken various reformative measures for rehabilitation and reconciliation of disturbed masses and as a result the normal life has resumed peacefully. The economic activities which generally rely on Tourism have picked up considerably. In summer of 2017 more than 3 Hundred thousand tourists have visited Kashmir valley to be mesmerized by the beauty of the valley and relish the delicacies of hospitable Kashmiri’s. However, in order to generate the TRP of the channels, the media has been portraying Kashmir in gray shades since the uprising of 2016. Be it the visual effects of Old Videos or constant debates on the situation of Kashmir by bringing the paid debaters. Hartals and curfews are no more part of daily life. The huge inflow of Tourist in the present season stands the testament for the normalcy of the situation. WHAT SHOULD I DO NOW? “Stop believing rumor mongers and Start Booking now.” Kashmir is as safe as its beauty.


Kashmir is unarguably known as Paradise on Earth, primarily for its captivating climate all throughout the year distinctively categorized into the four main seasons of winter, autumn, summer and spring. Rightfully the weather of Kashmir has been compared to that of Switzerland, with it snow capped mountains and picturesque landscapes and as a result millions of people have been visiting Srinagar for their Kashmir tour package. Owing to its aesthetic beauty and being one the biggest contributor to the tourism sector, Kashmir’s virgin beauty attracts millions of visitors throughout the year. Visitors who have unleashed their love for Kashmir have compared the beauty of Kashmir to the glimpse of the heaven and so Kashmir trips have been travellers no 1 choice . The Valley of Kashmir is enchanted with the beauty of all four seasons – spring, summer, autumn and winter and depending upon the taste of the customer each season enthralls you to the maximum of its beauty.SPRING SEASON FOR KASHMIR TOUR.The valley enthralls its visitors during the months of March till the first week of May. The visual effects of the land look like a carpet of blooming flowers as greenery spreads across it. The blossom of Tulip Garden SRINAGAR adds to the already lush green carpet that the valley bestows to its customers. Spring sets in by the mid-week of March and lasts till the end of May. SUMMER SEASON FOR KASHMIR TRIP. For the customers who want to escape the scorching sun of summer of India and relish the breeze of the valley, summer is the ideal time to visit. The Orchids and Gardens are full of fruits and flowers. The serenity of lakes, forests and rivers mesmerize the one and all. The chirping sound of birds, the melody of flowing rivers and the hues of flowers leave you spell bound. AUTUMN SEASON FOR KASHMIR TOUR If you have to see the Golden color of the valley, you are in the right season to see it. The fallen leaves of Chinar is a never miss sight for anyone who has a taste for travel. Autumn sets in by the first week of September and lasts till the end of November. WINTER SEASON FOR KASHMIR PACKAGES The chill of winter is for the brave hearted warm-blooded visitors who have a nick for snow and snow related activities. The best pass-time during this time of the year is watching the snow fall from the comfort of a well heated room, however for visitors with a taste the skiing in Gulmarg and winter sports add to the charm for their visit. The snow-capped landscape is nothing short of a visual treat of heaven. Winter sets in by the first week of December and lasts till the mid of March